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Saying Goodbye……Frogging Tonight

It hurts, but I have to frog hubby’s Christmas present – The Sterling. That’s the story with designing. The truth is there is alot of frogging involved, not to mention math ~ rip it, rip it.

Well, I am going to start over….maybe I will pull an “all nighter” and get it done in time. The good news is that I am on vacation beginning tomorrow and will have lots of extra hook time.

Happy (well, for me, not so happy :() Stitching……

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When did I become a yarn snob?

I have always loved yarn…..for as long as I can remember, I have always gotten immeasurable joy from the soft, cuddly feel of yarn fibers in my hands. I even remember as a very young child playing in both my mommy’s and granny’s stashes with envy. Once I hit about 8 or so, I would save up my money to buy the $0.99 skeins at Woolworth’s, Rose’s (do you remember this store?!?), and K-Mart. Soon, I graduated to JoAnn’s and Michaels, where I would easily buy 10 skeins at a time. And, then, about 5 years ago, I discovered luxury fibers and I have been hooked on them ever since. I remember my very first skein of super wash merino. I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out why it felt so much softer than Red Heart. I finally knew then that not all yarns are created alike.

My yarn budget has increased dramatically (now at about $500/year – that does breakdown to only $40/month, though, and I do save up for major events like the MD Sheep and Wool festival), but I am drawn to the “good stuff” – like fish to water. It’s become an obsession really. I rarely even look at those lonely remaining cheap acrylics in my stash. When did I turn into a yarn snob? I totally need this tote from Yarn Play Café for Christmas. St. Nick are you listening?!? Yarn (the “good stuff”)and this tote will do. Smile

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What’cha Got Cook’n?


Boy, did I have a crappy day…, as soon as I got home I decided on some food therapy and to break out the BBQ skills. I am too stressed to eat it, of course; but it sure looks tasty. I’ve got one lucky family!

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The Sterling – A Tunisian Crochet Cap for Him

I have been playing around with a new design lately – a hat for my husband made with some alpaca yarn that I picked up from the Maryland Alpaca and Fleece Festival. It is a pretty simple concept and I am hoping that it will serve as a basic tutorial for TSS (tunisian simple stitch), TKS (tunisian knit stitch), TPS (tunisian purl stitch) and ribbing. The biggest “selling point,” though, for this pattern was my attempt at making a hat using a traditional tunisian crochet hook rather than a double-ended hook or one with a flexible cord. I am hoping it turns out as planned….and, before Christmas, since this is my husband’s present.

I will keep posting my progress – it all comes down to the final moment when I close this baby up. I imagine that I will be holding my breath the entire time too! But, if (when!) all goes well, I will share the pattern here.

Happy Stitching!

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First Snow of the Season…..

It was a light one, but the roads are a mess today. It sure did not help that school was closed early and we had to turn back around and pick up the kids shortly after dropping them off!

I do love the snow, though – especially after we are all safe and snug together inside. It is like mandatory family time and a nice respite from the normal hustle and bustle. I had to cancel all of our appointments for today and I am looking forward to a quiet evening at home with no place to go! My hook should be happy……

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I Love This Sweater!!!

I woke up this morning with my daughters’ dance teacher on my mind. Her husband deploys to Afghanistan today and she is pregnant with their first child. I know how hard this can be and my thoughts and prayers are with her today. Well, for me praying for someone equals crocheting for someone. So, I immediately wanted to start a layette set for the baby. I know she will be so surprised and thrilled to receive it. I am always crocheting during her classes while I wait for my girls to finish.

So, the quest for the perfect gender-neutral sweater began (thank you Ravelry!)….I have some yummy yarn in my stash that has been dying to be worked into a cute baby gift for years. I ran across this sweater made in Tunisian crochet and immediately fell, head-over-heels, in love. 

Courtesy of "One Yarn After Another"

Beverly Matheson did a phenomenal job designing this one – it’s perfect and I can’t wait to start. Baby is due in June but I would like to surprise her soon. I’d like to crank out a matching hat too! :)

December 15, 2010 at 12:27 pm 3 comments

A REAL Christmas Story…..

The true meaning of Christmas often gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the season. Interestingly, a fellow shopper and I were talking about this very issue at Michaels Arts and Crafts store after a women (who happened to be my neighbor!) cut in line in front of us.  Instead of making a big scene, the fellow shopper and I both smiled at each other and began to talk about Christmas. I remarked that I would rather folks not give gifts at all if it means that the true meaning of Christ’s birth is lost in the process.

One year, I am going to get myself in gear and make everyone’s gift. That would be a true testament of my love for them. Most of all, I will be sure to think of Robert E. Jones, a Utah prisoner, when I do it too. He is my inspiration for the week and a true example of the meaning of Christmas – love, redemption and hope.

Jones recently made 540 (yes 540!) crocheted hats with pom-poms on top for the students of Oquirrh Hills Elementary School, the majority of which are poor and rarely receive such gifts. Jones is serving a prison sentence for murdering a man nearly 30 years ago. Each year, he picks a project to complete in honor of his victim, Kim Chapman. Jones paid for all of the yarn himself (he makes $0.40/hour in prison) and spent many long nights crocheting each hat in time for a special Christmas assembly at the school where each child received a hat. Believe it or not, his grandmother taught him to crochet at age 6.  

I can only imagine what profound impact this small gift could have on each one of their lives – “Someone out there loves me. Someone made a big mistake with their life and is choosing to make it right by doing good.” 

Courtesy of Paul Fraughton @ The Salt Lake Tribune

The sheer joy on their little faces brings to my mind the joy of the Savior’s birth. Because of Him, Jones and I are forgiven. Because of Christ’s love, redemption is possible. There is HOPE for everyone; and that is the message I wish was prominently displayed during every tv commercial and on every sale flyer that comes my way. 



Can we take back Christmas one loving deed at a time? Let’s get out our hooks and needles and give it a try!

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