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Crocheting in the New Year

Happy New Year! I still can’t believe how fast the last decade went. It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating the turn of 2000. At the time, I was pregnant with my oldest and it seemed like there were so many great days ahead – the world was our oyster. Now, my oldest is 10, and I sit and wonder where the time has gone. I often lament that I can’t bottle up some of our greatest days. So that when I am down or sad or lonely, I can just open the bottle and be transported back in time instantly. I guess that is why I enjoy scrapbooking and taking photos. It is sort of like putting your memories is a bottle for future use.

P1012037Well, I spent New Year’s eve surrounded by my family with a crochet hook in hand. It was rather nice, I must admit. I made a fair bit of progress with the Tunisian Honeycomb Sweater. I have struck a smooth rhythm now with the stitch pattern which makes for great relaxation. I quickly find myself in the zone.

P1012046After the stroke of midnight, I whipped out my new yarn, Duchess, and started playing around with my current CAL pattern, the Country Car Coat. I got a thrill finishing the gauge swatch. The yarn works up like pure butter. I love merino and the cashmere and angora add even more softness.

I have to do a lot of customizing with this pattern, though. The yarn I have chosen is thinner than what the pattern calls for and I want to make a size that is not listed. I will say, however, I find all of the math calculations fun and exciting – like putting together a puzzle. Several months ago, I decided to put together  a tutorial about customizing patterns after a few folks on Ravelry asked me how I do it. So, I am finally getting to that too (make that a New Years Resolution!) and I hope to post soon. Stay tuned!

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