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Tunisian Honeycomb Sweater–Starting at the very beginning……

Let’s start at the very beginning.

It’s a very good place to start.

When you read, you begin with A, B, C.

When you sing, you begin with Do, Re, Mi.

Yes, I do love the Sound of Music. It is amazing how I can find a song from the musical to fit almost any occasion. And, the start of a new crochet project is the perfect opportunity to hum this little tune, of course.

As I mentioned, yesterday I started the body of the Tunisian Honeycomb Sweater. The back, center ribbing worked up nicely and very quickly – further solidifying my torrid love affair with Tunisian crochet.

Tunisian Honeycomb Sweater - Day 1

Today, I moved on to the rest of the center body piece. The honeycomb effect is beautiful and loads of fun to make. I promise that there will be more pictures to come. Remember, this beautiful, free pattern can be found HERE.

Happy Stitching!

December 29, 2010 at 11:45 pm 2 comments

My “Crazy Heart” Is Happy Tonight…..

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times….I love a good story about redemption and the power of love. I just finished watching the movie Crazy Heart and it was amazing.  The music was so beautiful and watching Bad Blake’s (Jeff Bridges) slow progression downward and then rise back up again was priceless. At the root of it all, his transition was about love – the love for a little boy and his mom. Love made the character want to change his life. This message is so reaffirming for me. The power of love is unstoppable. A little drop can change someone’s life forever. If we really want to change this world, we have to embrace this notion……one-on-one, touching other’s lives, letting them know they are loved (and I am not talking about romantic love here!) is what the world truly needs. Two thumbs up for Crazy Heart!

And, best of all, I got some great hook time in while watching Jeff Bridge’s masterpiece. The ribbing is done on the back piece of the Tunisian Honeycomb Sweater and I have moved on to the honeycomb stitch pattern. It is amazing what one can accomplish with only two stitches – TSS (Tunisian simple stitch) and TPS (Tunisian purl stitch). Well, I promise to post pictures of my progress tomorrow. Good night!

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Tunisian Honeycomb Sweater – Gauge Swatch DONE!

Yesterday I started playing around with the pattern for the Tunisian Honeycomb Sweater. Since I was using worsted weight yarn, instead of sport weight as the pattern specifies, I made several attempts to get the gauge swatch correct. I had originally thought that I would need a larger sized hook, but size I (5.5 mm) as written in the pattern worked like a charm. Here is the final result……


I am so thrilled with the honeycomb stitch pattern. It is easy to master and it creates such a beautiful, textured fabric. This sweater is going to be amazing…..I am thinking about making two now  – that is if I have enough yarn. Isn’t destashing a wonderful feeling?!? I bought this yarn probably 10 years ago while on vacation in Orlando, Fla. (I always make a point to visit a LYS or two while on vacation.) I attempted to use it to make a baby sweater for my son 8 years ago (!!!), but I never finished. In reality, I never made it past 10 rows! So, I frogged it and have begun anew. I am so excited…..this seems like a fast pattern too. YIPEEE!

December 27, 2010 at 5:58 pm 2 comments

The Sterling – A Tunisian Crochet Cap for Him

I have been playing around with a new design lately – a hat for my husband made with some alpaca yarn that I picked up from the Maryland Alpaca and Fleece Festival. It is a pretty simple concept and I am hoping that it will serve as a basic tutorial for TSS (tunisian simple stitch), TKS (tunisian knit stitch), TPS (tunisian purl stitch) and ribbing. The biggest “selling point,” though, for this pattern was my attempt at making a hat using a traditional tunisian crochet hook rather than a double-ended hook or one with a flexible cord. I am hoping it turns out as planned….and, before Christmas, since this is my husband’s present.

I will keep posting my progress – it all comes down to the final moment when I close this baby up. I imagine that I will be holding my breath the entire time too! But, if (when!) all goes well, I will share the pattern here.

Happy Stitching!

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I Love This Sweater!!!

I woke up this morning with my daughters’ dance teacher on my mind. Her husband deploys to Afghanistan today and she is pregnant with their first child. I know how hard this can be and my thoughts and prayers are with her today. Well, for me praying for someone equals crocheting for someone. So, I immediately wanted to start a layette set for the baby. I know she will be so surprised and thrilled to receive it. I am always crocheting during her classes while I wait for my girls to finish.

So, the quest for the perfect gender-neutral sweater began (thank you Ravelry!)….I have some yummy yarn in my stash that has been dying to be worked into a cute baby gift for years. I ran across this sweater made in Tunisian crochet and immediately fell, head-over-heels, in love. 

Courtesy of "One Yarn After Another"

Beverly Matheson did a phenomenal job designing this one – it’s perfect and I can’t wait to start. Baby is due in June but I would like to surprise her soon. I’d like to crank out a matching hat too! :)

December 15, 2010 at 12:27 pm 3 comments

Thankful for Tunisian Crochet

It is no secret that I have fallen head-over-heels in love with Tunisian crochet. In fact, most of the designs that I have “cooking” right now are done in Tunisian crochet. And, I am sure you noticed that my husband’s new hat is being worked with the characteristic long hook as well.

Recently, I stumbled across a seamless technique for Tunisian in the round which was “unvented” by Jennifer Hansen, aka stitchdiva. I am thrilled by the possibilities that this method opens up and I couldn’t resist hyping up her fantastic series of videos. I have several design ideas in the works based on the method now – the trick is to just find the time to get them fleshed out and completed! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I have so much to be thankful for – my family and friends, my health and of course, my crochet obsession.

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Tunisian Crochet: A Whole New World!

A couple of days ago, I forged full-speed ahead into a new dimension – Tunisian crochet. It all started rather innocently when I couldn’t get a particular design idea I had in mind, and on paper, to work out in yarn. The distant thought of a project I did several years ago using a technique called Crochet on the Double came to mind and I decided to see if I could get the design concept to come together using Tunisian crochet, rather than regular crochet. After all, I did splurge a few months ago on some hand-carved Tunisian crochet hooks with the intention of delving deep into this foray after completing Crochet Lace Innovations by Doris Chan.

Little did I know last week that there are so many beautiful Tunisian crochet stitches. Up until then, I had only mastered the basics – Tunisian simple stitch (TSS). Needless to say, I quickly got distracted from my design. I couldn’t stop “playing,” or “doodling” rather, with my lovely new Tunisian crochet hooks. Here’s one example.

Mini Tunsian Crochet Sampler

This swatch consists of TSS, Tunisian reverse stitch (TRS), Tunisian knit stitch (TKS), Tunisian purl stitch (TPS), a bit of Tunisian ribbing, and a gorgeous seed stitch.

My goal now it to complete a more comprehensive study of various Tunisian crochet stitches. The possibilities are endless with this technique, so I also plan to explore Tunisian crochet a bit further in some upcoming “chats” with several experts in the field. Not to mention, I already have a few design ideas in mind using Tunisian crochet….yikes, like I said – it’s a whole new world!

October 4, 2010 at 9:14 pm 2 comments

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